We take pride in our work and constantly push the envelope. We want you to have more control, a better workflow and more streamlined processes. But what really lights our fire is helping clients transform their organisations by encouraging them to dream bigger and think further.

Why stop at what is possible today, when you can build a system to help you achieve what is impossible for tomorrow?

AMS is the product of many years of working with professional member-based organisations, helping them to leverage web technologies to streamline internal processes, significantly reduce administrative time, re-structure and strengthen their membership database to more efficiently communicate with their members.

AMS specialises in working with associations who require custom-integrated membership management software, including administration workflows, advanced segmentation and email marketing solutions.

We’re methodical about correctly analysing your organisation’s requirements, evaluating your current systems, listening to key stakeholders and the way they work and including feedback from staff on how they would prefer things to function to best suit their processes. 

We’re software developers at heart with an exceptional understanding of brand strategy and superb user interface design. With a web development business behind us, we have the experience and breadth of knowledge to not only build you a fully integrated application so you can better manage the relationship of your organisation, association, school or club with your members online, but we can help you develop a new brand, offline marketing collateral and a world-class website equipped to grow with your organisation.

We can also help you set up a custom collaborative workflow system to automate your internal processes to further streamline the way your organisation functions.

We’ve identified four key tasks that drive our philosophy and which we know will result in successful outcomes.

01. Create

Create dynamic content to engage your members

The first step is to create content to inform, educate and inspire your members.

  • Build your web pages
  • Create events
  • Provide useful resources
  • Build an online store to market and sell products
  • Provide community forums or bulletin boards
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Entice your members to visit your content

Once you have created relevant content it’s time, like any successful business, to attract users to visit and utilise the content you have produced.

  • Feature items throughout your website
  • Create call-to-actions to drive traffic to key areas
  • Design hero banners and feature them on your homepage
  • Get your message out via social media and RSS feeds
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Time to get your message out there

Once your site becomes content-rich, it’s time to share that content and help your members communicate with one another.

  • Send out EDM campaigns
  • Share your information across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and RSS
  • Let your members share information via online forums and bulletin boards
  • Allow your members to manage their profiles and share their offerings with one another
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Member & association database management

Manage all of your member data from one single access point avoiding duplication of data and frustrating paper trails.

  • Create reports that give you an instant snapshot of your organisation
  • Leverage the power of our dashboard to gain an overarching view of all on-going tasks occurring within your organisation
  • The AMS workflow system manages all online tasks and communications; set rules, security, permissions and create, edit and remove steps in a workflow to suit your specific requirements.
  • Member analytics track shop purchases, event registrations and other customised workflows
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