The AMS Custom Business Process Work-flow Manager is an online task and communication system that allows you to manage web content, memberships, events, online shopping carts, forums and, if required, a staff intranet. Managing work-flows is handled by two core features; Dashboard and Customisable Workflow Designer.


The Dashboard is the one-stop shop for AMS users to view, track, action and measure all workflow tasks. Any online task that has been hooked into the Collaborative Workflow system will be searchable from within the Dashboard. AMS users can access workflow tasks via the user-friendly dashboard interface to update data, schedule new tasks, generate reports, trigger EDMs or kick-start a new workflow.

Customisable Workflow Designer

AMS users have the power to customise any workflows that have been hooked into the Collaborative Workflow system from their website, Microsites, CMS or MRM. Users can customise forms, set rules, change security levels, permissions and create, edit and remove steps in a workflow.

Form Builder

Using the Form Builder popup users can create and edit forms to be published to your website, microsites or even the  Dashboard itself. Form fields can be tailored to suit desktop, tablet or mobile devices depending on your requirements.

Users can create a vast range of HTML fields using the Form Builder, including billable, calculable fields that can be hidden from the web user, but kept visible in the Dashboard reporting.

The Form Builder can change the sort order of fields as well as indicate which fields are mandatory to be completed before the form can be submitted. Forms are a critical component of any workflow as they dictate what type of data courses throughout the flow of tasks. Users can add multiple forms to a workflow, including a standard ecommerce form.


AMS users can define their ecommerce rules at the workflow level. If a subscription is required for a member subscriptions workflow, users can set payment plan rules, including subscription intervals and pricing. AMS can integrate with almost any merchant gateway provider to ensure that online payments are processed securely (with 256-bit SSL encryption) and safely into your merchant bank account.

Event Management

Users can leverage the Collaborative Workflow system to enable the internal management of any event created from the CMS. Users can customise the registration forms, set the ecommerce rules and then manage the registration via the Dashboard. No two event workflows have to be the same as users can set specific rules for each event or re-use the standard out-of-the-box AMS event workflow.

Ticketing prices can be set at different price points for each different categories of member and for non-members and ticketing limits can be set. Campaigns can also be targeted to registrants because the Collaborative Workflow solution is also integrated with Campaign Monitor. Users can also diarise internal tasks once event deadlines have been reached.

Shop Purchases

The Collaborative Workflow system can be used to set rules about the sale of products from your online shop. Rules may be set about ecommerce, pricing levels for each category of member or non-member and delivery methods. Shipping rules can be established for products that are to be posted, and secure online pages can be authorised for products that are downloadable. Internal tasks play an important role in this workflow, as the purchasing of items sets in motion "picking and packing" and organising the delivery of products.

Report Builder

AMS users can generate time-versus-value reports from the Dashboard in graphical and MS Excel formats. Using the Collaborative Workflow system, users can specify what value data, including financials, will appear on the x axis and which time interval will appear on the y axis for each and every workflow they customise. Users can then chart and analyse the data from the Dashboard.

Lead Conversion

The capabilities of the Collaborative Workflow system allow you to convert visitors to members from an enquiry form submitted to your website.  Users can set internal tasks for sales teams to communicate with those who submit an enquiry form, shop purchasers and event registrants.

Internal Tasks

Set tasks, deadlines, appointments and approval requests for any of your AMS users from within the Customisable Workflow Designer. Essentially, all your workflows will have an internal task of some description whether it be to approve web content, design an EDM or utilise the system for reminders.


AMS users can set reminders for themselves or other users using the Collaborative Workflow system. Reminders may consist of a note and/or an attachment and will appear in the Dashboard on the date on which they have been set.

User Roles

Set hierarchical roles within your organisation in order to manage and share the responsibilities of your AMS. CMS, MRM and Workflow users can all be classified into different roles, with super-users governing the full system.

Forum Management

AMS users can set approval and reviewal tasks for blog content that has been submitted from members or public users of your website forum. Communication with your members can be triggered from each forum workflow, including tasks actioned, content approved or declined and generic email sends.

Member Analytics

The Dashboard will report on which member portal pages your members view and which member-only documents they download. Shop purchases, event registrations and other workflows can also be tracked at a per-member level.

Membership Levels

AMS Users can define Membership Levels from within the Collaborative Workflow system. Membership Levels can then be used throughout your website, CMS, MRM and workflows to determine pricing, permissions and security.

Pricing Management

Prices for events and shop products can be set for different membership levels and the general public. Early bird prices and discounts can also be set to a deadline date from within a customisable workflow. Using the Collaborative Workflow system shipping costs can be set per product or per region.

More Features

Online Surveys

AMS users can leverage the Collaborative Workflow Form Builder and the Report Builder to create, manage and analyse survey responses.

Google Analytics Tracking

The Dashboard can be integrated with your Google Analytics account to enable a localised view of your website tracking. Charts and tables with real-time data from Google provides a snapshot of your daily page views and bounce rate.


Keep your FAQ section of the website up-to-date from the Workflows system. Convert relevant website enquiries into a FAQ and publish to the website in one simple step.