AMS provides instant reporting on almost any of your data. Standard reporting is simple and highly effective. Get a 360 degrees snapshot of any aspect of your organisation and display the results in a pie, line or bar chart. Export the charts in moments to use in your presentations.

Generate graphical reports on anything you store in your AMS.

AMS stores a wealth of data about your members, their activity and interaction with your organisation. It also stores lots of data about your internal staff activity, MRM interaction and financial data should you have this integrated.

Reports can be run for things like event registrations, shop purchases, member retention, survey results, what ever other data you request to be stored in your AMS.

Financial reporting such as transactional reports can be produced automatically to be made available for your finance department to reconcile successful and failed payments.

What better way to view this data than leveraging AMS real-time reporting. Generate time-versus-value reports from the Dashboard at anytime and view the results in graphical format; pie, line or bar charts are available and ready to export as you need them for your presentations. You can also export the results as an Excel document.

Advanced Reporting

If you require advanced reporting, your AMS consultant will work with your organisation to setup more complex reports that once built, can be run at anytime. Using the Collaborative Workflow system, we'll help your organisation build reports on any number of data fields collected from your AMS and then display these as graphical reports. Once generated, these can be exported as .jpg, .png, .svg (vector) or .pdf for use on your website, PowerPoint or any other type of presentation.

Data Migration

Many of our customers are stuck using membership solutions that are not flexible to enable them the flexibility to run their memberships they way they wish. AMS will migrate your complete membership data away from you current system into your own version of AMS. By completing this process, along with our consultation, we enable you to pick and chose what data you have been using, doing away with the many useless fields you aren't and dictate new fields and functionality for your member and organisation cards in your MRM so you can better manage your membership.

Once the data has been migrated across, your organisation has far more flexibility in how you group and segment your data, communicate better with your members and get more powerful reporting. The data comes across much 'cleaner', solving duplication issues and in a format that will empower you, to put simply, finally manage your membership how you wish.

AMS can successfully migrate your data away from the likes of iMIS, MS Dynamics, Sugar CRM and Goldmine.