Don’t just list your next event somewhere on your site. Instead, create a dedicated event-specific website with its own URL for promotion in your marketing material. That way you don’t have to count on members stumbling across information about the event on your website. And, if it’s a member only affair, give exclusive access to the microsite from within the member portal.

Perhaps you have a special report or data which must be purchased via your website before it can be accessed? We can customize your shop so that the user - only after purchasing a product - will be emailed a username and password to access the microsite.

With the AMS microsite module, we’ll hand over to you the power to create any number of microsites with any number of pages beneath each - all from your main CMS.

In addition, you can create forms to capture enquiries regarding the microsite's topic. In turn, these enquiries will automatically be pushed through to your MRM allowing your staff to follow them up via your collaborative workflow system.

Imagine having the power to create a new website for any type of event or promotion, whenever you wish? The possibilities are endless.

Microsite Event Management

Let’s say you have a roadshow traveling the country and rolling out presentations in each major city in Australia.

Imagine being able to have members or public users register, and pay (if required) for any of the events you create and list within your microsite. Attendees will be stored in your MRM under an auto-created event listing where you can view who has registered for what event - and export lists, as and when you require.

AMS enables you to:

  • Brand and style your microsite to match your event material
  • Allow your in-house designers to manage a range of design aspects including page banners, site colours and backgrounds etc
  • Have a unique event URL for each microsite; for example
  • Manage all site content and microsites from the one CMS
  • Encourage microsite subscriptions to increase marketing reach

Email Marketing

Each time a new microsite is created, a new list is automatically created in your EDM module. Any person who enquires or registers for an event via your microsite will be added to this new list. When you are ready to send out marketing material or reminders about your upcoming event, simply select the event segment from your list and away you go.

Content Management

Create any number of pages with event-related information from the same CMS you use for your main site - and using the same tools. Re-order pages, edit current pages and include images, videos and other rich media on your sites.

Custom Look and Feel

Upload custom assets to brand your microsite the way you wish, and to change the background image, colours and icons used throughout your sites.

Microsite Resources

Add documents, presentations, rich media or any other resource that are specific to your microsite and apply them to any page as required.


As is the case with your main website pages, you can manage your all-important SEO meta data to ensure that your microsite pages are correctly indexed across all major search engines.