When our clients first present to us the biggest challenge they are usually facing is that their existing member management software is not flexible. It may be that the member database is not up-to-date, they have multiple databases in place or they are simply using a clunky and antiquated software system that’s hard to use and rely on work-arounds rather than a real solution.

More often than not, our clients are using a manual system that hasn’t been correctly integrated with their website and is wasting the valuable time and resources of their staff.

AMS is expert at evaluating your current management database and meticulously planning and building you a custom-integrated membership management system; re-structuring your data and making it work the way you want it to.

Your members are the life-blood of your organisation – the way you interact with them is crucial. We'll help you decide on the best way to structure your database so that your member data is managed effectively from one single point within your organisation.

We don’t offer out-of-the-box solutions as every organisation has different requirements. On the contrary, every piece of software we develop offers a high level of customisation.

Our system works around you, not the other way around.

We work best with organisations ready to implement a scalable system that will future-proof their technology and empower them and their employees to better communicate with their members, streamline their administration workflows and foster stronger member relations by providing a seamless online experience.

CRM? Introducing MRM – Member Relationship Management

CRMs are usually over-complicated and very expensive to roll out across an organisation. AMS can include all the key functionality you need to manage and track your member companies and/or individuals. This is one of our most powerful key features and our clients enjoy the ease of use as well as the speed with which they can create, locate, update and manage either at a company or individual level. Filter in a few seconds by using name, segment, email or whatever criteria you request.

We use a similar card-type function for each individual member and (if required) associated company card to manage the company details of the selected member.

If your organisation has member companies, we provide a powerful company tree structure tool that allows you to sort your member companies into, for example, states or subsidiaries and apply changes to a whole company’s contact details in just moments.

Create and store notes and communications against a company or individual at any level. Set follow-up dates for each company or individual and save documents with a note and allocate to them to another MRM user to action.

Follow-ups and note reminders will appear on your dashboard along with anything else we have created as part of your custom workflow process.

Data mining is easy and literally takes just a few seconds. Simply apply any number of filters to your list and then export to Excel. Or, tell us how you want your reports to work and we’ll enable to you create and export your data in chart form.

Already have a CRM in place and happy with the way it’s going?

We know that CRMs have their place, and our software is smart enough to be able to integrate with your existing system. If your organisation prefers to leverage the power of CRM but still wants your members to login and enjoy the same seamless experience we can offer, talk to AMS about how we can integrate our software with your existing back-office solution. Our technical team can work with your existing system.


Every organisation has different types of members. You might be a school, professional association, special interest group or a club. In every case, each type of member has different requirements from your website.

You’re empowered via the MRM to create different segments as and when you need them. You can enable a new set of permissions to determine what members view on the website once they are logged in. Forums, resources, events or any type of page information can be made available to one or many of your dynamically created segments.

Once you have created your segments and allocated companies or individuals to each segment, you can then leverage the power of targeted Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns such as newsletters, events invitations or other types of promotion.

Creating these segments gives you power to report on activity within each segment; to create dynamic lists; and - when sending out campaigns - receive higher click-through rates as the user is actually receiving information relevant to them.

When users sign up via the website, they can nominate the types of information they want to receive. Users can simply log in at any time and update their areas of interest. At the same time, you can be sure your members are receiving the most appropriate communications.

Even your board members can be allocated to a segment which will enable them to access privileged pages containing confidential organisational documents and meeting agendas. It will also enable them to receive email notifications about upcoming meetings.

Member Portal

The member portal can be an important hub of information with its own set of member only events, What’s New articles and Call-to-Action areas to promote member exclusive products and services.

Your members will simply be prompted to complete a fool-proof set-up process by entering their email address and creating a password. Of course, they can reset their own password at any time meaning you are never responsible for storing their secret passwords.

Once logged in, the member will have access to pages and resources based on their allocated segment. From there, depending on your requirements, they can do a range of things.

Not only can you provide all of the features (listed right) for your members, you can use the portal as an intranet for your own employees. Documents, internal events and resources can all be managed via the same process and may be accessed only by your own team - regardless of their location.

There’s no limit to what types of activities can be completed from the member portal. Simply speak to AMS about your requirements and the world is your oyster.

Your members can:

  • Manage their own contact details
  • Manage what correspondence they receive from your organisation (depending on what options you decide upon)
  • Register for upcoming events (supporting member and non-member pricing as well as free events)
  • Review events they have previously registered for and download invoices
  • Purchase products and services at member-only prices
  • View products purchased in the past and download invoices
  • Gain access to member-only pages based on the group you have assigned to them (which can be done at either an individual or company level)
  • Access and contribute to knowledge bases
  • Access and contribute to member-only discussion forums to increase inter-member communication
  • View and manage their own profile page as well as search other member profiles to help promote their businesses
  • Download segment-specific resources or view rich media such as videos
  • Participate in surveys.

Member Application Processes

We’ve never come across two organisations that share the same member application process. But just as soon as we’ve analyzed your process, we can automate it. If an application to approval process needs to be pushed into your CRM, we can customize a solution to match your needs.

Expressions of interest can be recorded and then upgraded to a full membership at a later stage via the MRM. Again, we’ll work with you and build the system around your processes.

Member Directory and Profile Management

Depending on your organisation, you may wish to provide all active members with their own profile page. This would allow them to login via the member portal and manage their own profile, including contact details, selecting categories which apply to them as well as listing the services on offer.

Members can either manage their own profile via the member portal. Or, in some cases, you may wish to manage this on their behalf.

This then enables other members to do a search query on member title, services offered, region/reach or any other category.

Member-Only Pages

Create any number of pages and link them to one or more member segments.

These pages may still be advertised to non-members throughout your site to show them the type of content they could have access to - therefore enticing them to become a paid member. If they try to click through to view the page, they will be prompted to enter their login details or sign up to become a member before viewing the member only content.

Membership Types

Every organisation is unique. Let our AMS consultants work with your people to customise the different membership types as well as the functionality required for each. There’s no limit to how many different membership types you can include. Discuss your requirements with us and we’ll tailor the system to your needs.

Member-Only Forums

Sharing information amongst members and special interest groups using a forum is a great way to increase interaction and networking opportunites between members within your organisation. Empower your members to login via the portal and contribute to forums specific to their areas of interest. All posts can be moderated via the CMS.

Manage in-bound Contact Enquires

Contact enquires are all stored in your MRM - and depending on your requirements, they can trigger an action in your customised collaborative workflow process.

You can enable users that are not financial members to sign up and receive specific EDMs from your organisation.  They’ll be auto-segmented to receive only what you want them to.

Bulletin Boards

Allow your members to post job opportunities, projects for tender or positions available within your community or interest group. For example, you could include a function to allow members to post questions about an upcoming school camp or sporting group trip. It’s another great way to generate interest and encourage communication within your organisation.


The last thing you need to worry about is technology - that’s our job.  You’ll only require a web browser to log in securely and manage your whole organisational data.

AMS uses only the latest Microsoft technology. And knowing that technology is constantly upgraded, we are prepared with 100% scalable technologies. We host your application with one of Australia’s leading hosting companies on a secure Virtual Private Server so access to your database and membership information is limited to you and the AMS developers. Daily back-ups are in-place so you can be rest easy knowing that you’ll never lose your valuable data. And there’s no need for expensive hardware roll-outs or a system administrator on staff. We’ll manage all of this for you.

Content Personalisation

Each user can dictate what types of communications they receive from your organisation. This means you can target only those members who have requested information about particular product and services. This will result in a higher engagement rate and increased traffic through to your site. EDMs can be personalised and members, once logged-in, can be introduced to events that relate to their particular areas of interest.

Member Tracking and History

From the moment a new member is created, you can track the history of all their interactions. View the pages the member has visited, see the documents they download, view the events they attended and what products they purchased.  Create and view notes on any member and store documents against their name.