Create a central location for all of your company information, resources and digital assets. Empower your staff to access these anytime from any internet connected computer. Easily manage who can access this information and keep track of which staff members are logging in, when and what they are viewing.

Grant your internal and external stakeholders easy access to company information

Add the internal and external stakeholders of the organisation to your MRM. Create a new segment, called 'intranet' and allocate required permissions to each staff member. Instantly, AMS becomes an Intranet for your organisation.

The MRM component of AMS can provide the ability for your organisation's internal/external staff members to securely login to access company information and resources. You may have staff that work on location, interstate, from home or from multiple offices around the country. AMS gives you the ability to extend access to vital company resources stored in one central location.

Access to the Intranet pages are fully secured to a set of permissions you decide upon. Specific access can be given to different levels of staff to view company information such as;

  • company digital assets
  • corporate policies and information
  • templates and forms
  • staff resources
  • marketing and communications files
  • how-to guides
  • forums and surveys

Intranet Permissions

Your company may require one or many different permission levels of access to your Intranet. For example, one may be a standard user that only requires access to company policies, HR information and standard forms. You may also have another group that requires access to board papers, financials and more sensitive information. AMS provides the ability to easily allocate internal/external stakeholders different permission levels to access different pages, all secured by a user's encrypted login details.

Intranet Reporting

Now that you have given staff access to the Intranet, leverage AMS reporting to keep track of which staff members are logging in to use the Intranet. Reports can also be run to see who is accessing specific company resources, which assets they are downloading and give you visibility of all Intranet activity. AMS can show you exactly who accessed what, and when they did so. This will give you peace of mind that you can closely manage the security of your data.