Offering members a facility to accept payments online is an expectation, not a luxury.  Let us work with you to automate your payment processes to free you and your admin staff up for more productive activities. Streamline the management of your financials by, from the one screen, getting a bird's eye view of upcoming renewals, manage invoicing, view purchased products and manage event payments.

We’ll integrate your website with your online merchant account so you can accept payments for membership fees, event registrations, online shopping purchases, donations and anything else you want paid online. All transactions are secured via a 256k encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Let us work with you to automate your membership registrations, renewals, product and event payments. Depending on how your organisation likes to work, members can chose to pay by credit card, PayPal or Direct Deposit, we even manage offline payments. All payments will automatically generate an invoice and receipt that will be emailed to the purchaser with a copy stored against the member in your MRM.

Online Shop - Product Management

Most organisations offer products, publications or merchandise for sale to the general public or to their members at special pricing. You can create new product categories with products so users can purchase online via a secure shopping cart.

Apply pricing structures to match membership levels and to apply different shipping costs - all managed via the CMS.

Invoices for purchases are stored against members in the MRM. You can view a complete purchase and members can log in to access invoices and download product.

AMS allows you to:

  • Create any number of product categories
  • Apply different price points for each product depending on whether the purchaser is a member or non-member
  • Detail each product on a full web page
  • Apply any number of shipping options and prices
  • Apply images or video to each product page
  • Sell non-tangible items such as access to a microsite

Event Payments

Members can pay for one or many registrations via the secure e-commerce gateway built into AMS. Depending on how your organisation chooses to receive payments, we'll customise your AMS to accept real-time credit cards transactions, PayPal or payment by Direct Deposit. Any of these will trigger a workflow event so your management team can easily see who has registered and whether payment has been received.

Finance Reporting

AMS offers many reports 'out of the box' on all types of data within your solution. Reporting is based on data fields specified by you, any data field can be nominated to be reportable. This means you can create your own report types, including financial reports. If you require more detailed finance reports, AMS consultants will work with you to work out exactly what report data you require, we'll do all the work in the background for you and save the report to your personal dashboard so you can run these at anytime.

Integration with your finance system

Each organisation runs their finance department differently and AMS isn't wedded to any particular finance system. This means we can work with your organisation to put in place any level of finance system integration you may require. Some organisations prefer to run their finance system independently, some prefer to just see transaction reports from AMS and others want full integration with packages such as Xero or MYOB. AMS is flexible to work at any level you require.


Any time a payment is made via your website, an invoice is automatically created and sent to the member's nominated email address. A copy of the invoice will also be stored against the member's profile which is accessible via the member's portal so they can always access a history of invoices for membership fees, product purchases and event registrations.