Events are vital to your organisation, and you need the tools to manage them quickly, easily and effectively. Members want to be kept in the loop about upcoming events and to be able to register for events with ease.

You can create an event page (or link to multiple pages throughout the site) and apply the event registration details so members can register and pay for themselves (and others) either at member or non-member prices. Or free of charge.

Each attendee will be added to an auto-created segment within the EDM system so you can campaign and keep attendees up-to-date with event-specific information. Event lists can be filtered and exported from the CMS to enable you to generate reports on each event and create nametags.

Create your upcoming event in seconds

With one simple click, create a page from your CMS and turn it into an event page. Not every event is the same. That's why AMS allows you to create a customised workflow for each event. You might, for example, require different registration fields, or other details such as gala night table bookings or a booth for your member for a show.

Each event allows you to set, as a minimum:

  • Event dates and times, including a start and end date for registrations to be open via the website
  • RSVP date
  • Pricing for members, non-members and free events (other price points can be set)
  • Event location, including a pinned Google map
  • Special event instructions

Event Pricing

AMS enables you to set different price points for different membership groups. You can offer a value-add to specific member groups by promoting a member discount, have a different price for non-members and even create free-of-charge events for your members or public attendees.


Invoices are automatically created and emailed with a registration confirmation. Each event registration is stored so that once a member has logged into their member portal they can quickly and easily access a history of attended events and view the associated invoices.

Promote Your Event

Now that you have created an event, it's time to let everyone know.


Your annual conference is a big deal. You need to deliver a tonne of information. Create an event-specific microsite that includes as many pages as you need to deliver all the necessary information. Brand the microsite to suit your conference material and filter registrations into an event-specific segment so you can keep attendees up-to-date with event-related reminders, news and resources.

Homepage Banner

Your homepage is your shop window and is the most effective way to inform a visitor of what's new. Create a new event banner hero image and make it a point of interest on the homepage where it will get noticed.

Event Calendar

Position an event calendar on your event landing page or on your homepage for quick reference.

Call to Actions

Use the "Attract" tab from your CMS to create a call-to-action and feature your event throughout the site.

Create an EDM Campaign

Use an existing segment or create a new segment of members (who have interest in the same subject matter) and send a campaign in moments so they all know about the upcoming event.

Facebook and Tweet it!

Using your Share feature, push the event news out directly from AMS via your favourite social media channels.

Event Registration

Once you've created an event, workshop, roadshow, annual conference, AGM, or any other type of event via your CMS, your members are then welcome to register themselves for the event via a registration form made available from the page or pages of the website you selected.

Depending on what you pricing points have specified for the event, a non-member price will be displayed to public users of the site, while members will be prompted to login to obtain member-only prices. Of course, if the event is flagged as free, members and non-members can register without completing a payment step.

Events can be created behind member-only pages so only members within specific groups can access event information and registration details.

A great way of getting more than one person from a member group registered in one hit is utlising the group registration function. Once one person has registered themselves, any number of members from the same organisation can be added to the same registration and be billed under the one invoice.


For event reporting, AMS's member-tracking tool enables you to drill down by company or member to see what events each has registered/attended. Instant reports can be created by running a few simple filters to obtain a list of attendees for each event, which can be easily exported to Excel for creating name tags.

Event Registration Payments

Members can pay for one or many registrations via the secure e-commerce gateway built into AMS. Depending on how your organisation chooses to receive payments, we'll customise your AMS to accept real-time credit cards transactions, PayPal or Direct Deposit methods. Each of these payment methods will trigger a workflow event so that your management team can easily see who has registered and whether payment has been received.