The key to your organisation's success is communicating effectively with your members. Saturating members with information that is irrelevant to their interests and needs is the fastest way to frustrate and lose a member's interest.

AMS allows you to streamline and target your communication by providing instant and powerful segmentation enabling you to create a list of recipients in moments. Whether it be monthly e-news, event promotions, reminders or internal alerts, AMS enables you to send an email blast to any segment you define allowing you to keep your members in the loop about things that matter to them, all the time.

AMS enables you to create a new dynamic segment simply by applying selected filters from your MRM based on member type, group, company or any other criteria you determine.

Or, you can select who should receive the communication from a pre-existing list. This enables you to easily stay in contact by simply selecting the type of communication, such as e-news, member alerts or event promotion and follow a few simple steps to inform/update your members in seconds.

AMS can create a number of templates for you including member alerts, newsletters and events. Each one is designed to perfectly render in all main email clients and match your beautiful new website design.

Dynamic Segmentation

An example of how dynamic segmentation works:

Your organisation has an event coming up. in a few moments you can use your MRM to see which members, for example:

  • attended the event last year
  • via their member portal, have expressed an interest in a particular topic
  • purchased products from your store relevant to the event
  • made relevant enquiries via your website
  • live or work in the same geographical location as the event.

AMS enables you to target those members who are likely to be interested in the event with an email blast using one of the built in custom-designed templates. It's as simple as using the dynamic segmentation tool to create a list before sending a customised and personalised email to these users.

The possibilities are endless and AMS will work with you to build in everything you need to start communicating with your members to more effectively promote your organisation.

On request, AMS can design and build as many templates as you require. 

EDM Types


Keep your members up-to-date with the latest news within your organisation and encourage member interaction by promoting network meetings, latest news, training courses and upcoming events.

Member Alerts

Introduce new members, publish CEO updates, press releases, Special Interest Group specific information, sporting timetables, special promotions or membership fee information.


If you're running a new event, or an annual conference, quickly select the event segment and start promoting your event right away. When users register for an event, they'll be added to a new segment automatically so you can keep them up-to-date with event specific information.


Collect enquiries directly from one of your micro-sites which in turn adds each user's email to the micro-site specific segment for easy communication with these users.

So, who reads our communications?

Sending out communications is one thing, finding out how effective they are is another.

AMS can produce reports on each campaign to give your marketing department a valuable snapshot of which members were interested in what topics, your click-through rate and even which members decided to unsubscribe or change what they received from your organisation.

This will help you plan future EDM campaigns and give you the ability to follow-up with users who opt-out.

After sending out each campaign, enjoy detailed reports about:

  • Who opened the campaign
  • The percentage of recipients who have opened the campaign at a particular point in time
  • How many members clicked through to your site
  • The most popular links from the EDM (even see which members clicked what link)
  • The most popular geographic locations (see a google map pinned with all locations)
  • How many emails bounced (and generate a list of those emails so you can follow up with the member to ensure their details are correct)
  • Who unsubscribed
  • How many shares were posted on Facebook, Twitter and via email
  • Email client usage (iPhone, iPad, Outlook, Apple Mail)

More Features

E-News Subscription

Enable website users to signup to receive e-news from your organisation without having to be a member.

Send unlimited EDM's

AMS will analyse your organisation and configure your licensing fee so you never have to worry about how many EDM's you send.

Edit and re-send

No need to re-create a campaign each time, simply edit a previous campaign, tweak your content and off it goes.

Schedule your campaigns

Setup your EDM campaign, set it to send at 7am the next day so you don't have to rush into the office to send it off. Have a coffee instead.

Social network reporting

Find out who shared your info by seeing who 'liked' or 'tweeted' your stories.

Unlimited Segments

Use the MRM to create and manage any number of segments and re-use them again and again to run your campaigns.