Communicating correctly with your members doesn't just mean getting the technology right. Design communication is equally as important. How can you expect to retain the interest of your members if your website looks like it was designed in the nineties?

AMS are not only technology experts, we're also a team of creatives, brand specialists, designers and desktop publishers. We can help your organisation with any type of visual communication, whether you need to re-develop your brand, design an annual report or even design a stand for your next show, all in addition to designing highly engaging websites.

There are many aspects to your online projects other than just a new website design. Ensuring continuity across the board is important to re-inforce your brand and to ensure your users are never confused.

AMS can help you design each of the following:

  • Creating a beautiful and responsive website
  • EDM templates
  • Microsites
  • Banners
  • Facebook pages
  • Any type of offline visual communication.

Responsive Web Design

These days, your website must be designed and built to work well (and look great) on any device - just as fast as new models are launched.

AMS have adopted a responsive design methodology, so your site will always look the business - no matter the device. When size and space is an issue on mobile devices, better control of the users’ experience is even more crucial.

Our web designers keep pace with technology, so we always know the best way to communicate key information across each platform to ensure your message is never lost.

AMS can:

  • Build a customised version of your site for use on mobile devices
  • Ensure your website fits and looks great on your tablet
  • Ensure that your desktop version can be set to a wider width to look best on bigger screens

EDM Template Designs


One of your key communications that hits all of your members' in-boxes is your e-newletter. AMS will design and build you a template to meet your brief and then integrate it into our EDM management system so all you need to worry about is adding in the content.

Member Alerts

Basic alerts that go out to key member groups need to communicate the message quickly and clearly. They still need to match your corporate branding. We can design a basic alert template for your ease of use.


Each event can have its own branding, especially if you are running a microsite. Let us help you build an event-specific template for each event.

Facebook Business Page

The AMS system can integrate directly with your organisation's Facebook page - which is a great way to keep members up to date. Setting up a Facebook app is not always a walk in the park - AMS can help you create your Facebook page and integrate it with your CMS so all you need to worry about is your first post.


Your Twitter account can be styled to match your new website design and other marketing collateral. It's important to have all of your external communications aligned. AMS can help you design your whole suite.

Website Banners

As part of our design process, we create your homepage banners and call to actions. After the website is complete, we can hand over design templates so your designers can create new banners as and when you need them to ensure the website continues to look great.

Corporate Identity Development

From time to time, organisations seek to undertake a corporate identity overhaul. The perfect time to do this is in conjunction with the re-development of the organisation's website; it provides a perfect opportunity to pull all of your communications into line. We share a studio and partner with a leading design firm, ERD, who are experts at developing new brands and corporate ID development.

Offline Content Development

Every organisation requires offline material designed. We can offer you a complete end-to-end solution for all of your visual communication.

For example, if you need a report designed, we have an abundance of in-studio resources to assist you to produce any type of printed material. Spanning a period of 14 years, again partnered with our good friends ERD, we can help you develop any type of offline communication. We've completed countless projects together and together have a breadth of experience both on and offline.