The AMS CMS has been specifically designed to enable you to easily manage your site-wide content without requiring a degree in rocket science. Each organisation is unique - so we don’t do template design. We start with your creative brief and build a system that’s true to your brand - not just in design, but in your language and that embodies your way of operating.

Our CMS is packed full of features - so if you need something specific (that we don’t already offer), let us know and we’ll build it in. We’ll help you plan and structure your new website and work with you to build in all the features you need. Best of all, we’ll highlight your products and services so your branding and style are strongly reinforced.

We are experts in technology but we also have a very keen eye for design and we believe the way your organisation is represented online is as important as getting the back-of-house technology right. We’ll tailor your online presence to match your offline brand strategy.

Elegantly Simple CMS interface

Too often, content management systems are over-cluttered and packed with useless features that only a technical person can figure out.

At AMS, we’ll build a system for your organisation enabling anyone with minimal computer knowledge to make changes to your site, quickly and easily from any computer, anytime.

Easy to use Content Editor

Creating and editing your page content is easy via the online content editor. It’s as straightforward as working in Word. You can paste data directly, apply tables and add in images and rich media such as Vimeo or YouTube videos.

Responsive Web Design

These days, your website must be designed and built to work well (and look great) on any device (including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and tablets).

Customers are increasingly accessing websites from mobile devices, in some cases customers exclusively so.

Customers therefore expect to be able to access the same information they can see on a desktop computer from a mobile device. The reality is for many people, if they can't access information they want from a mobile device, the information may as well not exist.

AMS have adopted a responsive design methodology, so your site will always look the business - no matter the device from which your site is being accessed. When size and space is an issue on mobile devices, better control of the users’ experience is even more crucial.

Our web designers keep pace with technology, so we always know the best way to communicate key information across each platform. And we make sure your message is never lost.

AMS can:

  • Create a customised version of the site for mobile devices
  • Fit content to make sure it looks great on your tablet
  • Ensure the desktop version of your site can be set to a wider width to look best on bigger screens

Page Versioning

Create any number of page versions and apply start and end dates for each one. Creating a new version will copy across all existing page content to enable you to make simple adjustments and keep a history of all changes. View a preview link to confirm that you are happy with the page content or send it to someone else for review before sending the page live.

Website Structure Tree

Using our intuitive website tree to manage your site structure makes managing your site a breeze. Add, edit, cut, copy and paste your pages into a new section of the site in seconds. Change the order of pages by simply clicking and dragging them within the tree. Disable, re-enable and sort your pages in seconds.

Document Management System

Apply any document type to your website pages with our built-in document manager - press releases, marketing material, policies or anything your members may need to access quickly. Create folders and keep your documents secured by segments to make sure that only members with the correct credentials have access to sensitive material such as Board papers.

Content Featuring

Bring attention to new articles, events, products or services by featuring important content. Every AMS site gives you the ability to select one or many pages from throughout the site and make them a feature on your homepage - or any of your internal pages. Search engines, especially Google, favour sites where the content on the homepage is updated regularly - so this is surefire way to keep your homepage, and internal pages relevant and engaging.

Homepage Banner Management

Hero banners can be a major feature on your homepage to introduce your key value proposition, major events or the hot topic of the day. The ability to manage this feature is built-in so your designers can directly create new banners - and have them featured on the homepage without having to rely on your web developers. We include this as part of our design process and can supply templates for you to create new banners to keep your site looking fresh and current.

With AMS you can:

  • Promote your latest event
  • Get your organisation's key value proposition across in style
  • Release a new key document to all members

Call to Actions

Call-to-action areas are a powerful way to engage users and draw attention to specific events and services - and even sign up new members. They can feature on both the home and internal pages. AMS also gives you the power to change graphics throughout the site to make sure you grab the attention of the user and encourage them to click through to where you want to lead them.

Page Review Date

Outdated content is the fastest way to devalue your website and your brand. Set content review dates to make certain this never happens. Set a reminder for yourself, or another CMS user, to receive a note on the day to click through to the page in question and make the required changes. Start and end dates are also a handy way to ensure a page is not up longer than it needs to be.

Form Builder

Using our powerful online form builder, create any number of forms and apply them to pages throughout your site. Forms that are submitted will be stored directly into your MRM. If you have a custom workflow setup, they can trigger a new workflow event within the CMS. 

Social Media and RSS

We are all keenly aware of the power of managing social media channels well. Imagine creating a new page via your CMS and instantly pushing the page link onto your Twitter, Facebook and/or LinkedIn accounts. Decide which pages go out via your RSS feed with the check of a box, it’s that easy.

Bulletin Boards

Encourage members to communicate with one another by posting upcoming events and services to a bulletin board. All posts are moderated via the collaborative workflow process. We regularly see how successfully opportunity boards can be used to advertise positions and projects between members.

Knowledge Base / Online Issues Register

Allow members to contribute to specific knowledge base with Q&As and documentation to benefit everyone in the organisation. Apply custom workflow filters behind the scenes so that each submission is handled they way you want.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Easily manage all metadata so that it’s correctly indexed by all the major search engines. This includes the way your page description reads when it is shared across vital social media channels.

We don’t just empower you to manage your SEO and social media meta data. Every website produced by AMS is built to meet AA accessibility ratings which means you can be sure that your website code is correctly structured to maximise SEO capabilities and meet accessibility requirements.


AMS will geo-map your members on a Google map using advanced search capabilities that allow the user to search by location, postcode, business name or type. They can then see all these locations pinned on a map. Each search result is also displayed as a list. Clicking through will enable users to view full member profiles.


Create new revenue streams with advertising spaces. Use an ad management tool to apply ads to your website with a start and end date. The CMS will count the click-throughs throughout the campaign enabling you to report back to your advertiser.

More Features


Every good website should include standard toolbox functions such as text resizing, and a print page function.

Special Interest Groups

SIG’s can be created and manage their own online profile. Forums and events can then be created for each and specific pages can contain relevant resources.

Clean URL’s

Perfect for marketing campaigns and make a link more memorable; create user-friendly clean URL’s for all pages throughout your site. For example

Page Tags

Tag each page with categories you can create at any time. This will help if you require advanced search capabilities to make life easier for your members to find what they are looking for.

Image Galleries

What better way to showcase the results of an event than creating an image gallery featuring photos from an event? Bulk upload any number of photos to the in-built image manager and then use these in a gallery format applied to any page. Easily sort the images by dragging and dropping to create your desired order.

Site Analytics

Every website will build is seamlessly integrated with Google Analytics and Webmaster tools where we’ll monitor how your site is being tracked by Google, and of course provide you with login details so you can view your own reports and track the progress of your site.