AMS is part of the Cylinder Group and was created to satisfy an emerging need in the market for highly customised
association membership management software and other web-based applications.

Cylinder is a Melbourne-based web development agency that has been building highly customised content management systems and member-based association websites since 2002. The principals behind Cylinder, Dave Hickling and Michael Williamson, have an extensive background in web-based design and software application development having being immersed in the industry since 1997.

Cylinder provides customised software solutions. No out-of-the box software will ever be totally satisfactory. Our process follows a strict analytical and development process highly focused on driving successful business outcomes for each organisation with whom we work.

We’ll involve you in all initial planning, design and development meetings to ensure that your organisation gets the best solution possible. An enterprise architecture approach is taken into each and every project, ensuring the foundations are right -  this is central to our philosophy and critical in making sure your project is a success. Each build is clearly defined and the ensuing process transparent.

Listening and understanding is key to everything we do. We seek to offer the most appropriate solution and to exceed client expectations.

Our goal is to always provide services that measurably improve workflows and profitability whilst making your life easier.

Our Clients

We work best with organisations determined to get the most from their web projects. We don’t position ourselves as a simple ‘sign-up and you’re away’ service. Our area of expertise is working with organisations that require a high level of customisation and specific business processes implemented online. We’re always prepared to go the extra yard to make sure each and every project is a success.

To the left are some of our association based clients, we also work with businesses such as the Country Fire Authority, Bluescope Steel, Monash University, the Tourism and Transport Forum and Infrastructure Partnerships Australia as well as completed work for the ANZ and NAB. For a full list of our clients, visit Cylinder's portfolio page.

If you would like to speak to some of our clients before undertaking a project with us, we'd be delighted to arrange a chat with some of our key customers.

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We share our studio space with award winning design firm, ERD. It’s an exciting and creative environment and came about following a long and fruitful working partnership spanning more than 12 years.

Whilst we are prepared for any technical challenges, we also have an exceptional eye for design. In addition to our user experience designers, we leverage the vast design knowledge and experience so that we can turbo charge any form of digital project.

This also means we can provide your organisation with brand development, annual reports, environmental graphics or any other type of visual communication you may require.

Australian Owned and Operated

We’re completely Australian owned and operated with all of our design and development undertaken from our Melbourne studio. Unlike many developers, we do not farm work out to overseas providers.

Our Business Values

Our business values come from real life. Honesty, integrity, patience and kindness are the values that resonate with us.

We'll go out of our way to always give the best advice - even when it is not to our immediate commercial advantage. We seek rewarding business relationships and long-term partnerships. We believe in sacrificing short term gain to ensure we foster trust and mutual respect. We know it’s the only way to keep enjoying what we do and to keep our customers happy.