An initiative of Yarra Valley Water, the WaterCare Hub was developed to provide support programs, pathways and services to assist customers, who may be experiencing financial difficulties in managing their water and sewerage bills.

AMS has partnered with Yarra Valley Water, who has become the first utility provider in Australia to launch a resource for customers and the community sector, aimed at giving customers a helping hand in managing their water bills.

Members are able to register with the site free of charge and gain access to a number of tools to better help their clients. The WaterCare Hub is the first step in a holistic plan to create a one stop shop for all utilities, banks, councils and other sectors where people may encounter financial difficulties.

The WaterCare Hub features a subscription-only area that enables the delivery of specialised content and materials to registered agency members.

An advanced search mechanism has been produced so agencies can quickly access the information and resources they require to support their clients. It has numerous intuitive elements built within it to provide more targeted communications. It allows articles that are trending within a particular agency member segment to feature prominently when the member logs in.

Behind the scenes AMS is providing a number of customised modules to help manage and track website behaviour. The member relationship management system manages agency types and registered members enabling the capture and storage of both current and historical data. Yarra Valley Water can run reports on popular pages, resources and hit rates which enable Yarra Valley Water to determine what content and page updates are required to increase the site's success.

What did our client say?

I would like to thank our web and software partners AMS, they worked with us to turn our concepts and visions into innovative solutions. The team at AMS were fantastic to work with and delivered our project in record time. I would highly recommend AMS to any organisations requiring web or software solutions.

Tony Kelly - Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water

Personalised User Dashboard

AMS developed a range of functional tools to enable members to better manage the content from the Hub in the way they prefer to work. A personalised dashboard is provided to all members that register with the site. From the dashboard, the member is presented with a notification centre, similar to a mail inbox, which streamlines communications from the Hub administration team and also any replies, notifications, feedback or focus groups responses. The intuitive personalisation of the dashboard means members will see their recently viewed pages, top trending pages and other featured items of interest (within the sector the member belongs too) .

A comprehensive toolbox is also provided so members can store notes on relevant pages which are all gathered conveniently in the member’s dashboard. To ensure the usability of the dashboard is functional, favourite pages, links, assets, resources and notes are all managed from the toolbox for quick and easy reference.

Digital Asset Management

AMS has developed a comprehensive digital asset management system to better manage the vast amount of assets and resources that are accessed via the website. Each asset is individually versioned to keep a complete history of any changes and then a number of tags and other metadata is applied, so it can be more easily located from the site via the advanced search functionality.

Notes and a complete audit trail is maintained against each asset so administrators can track when an asset was added, by whom and when it was updated. To ensure that all assets on the site are current, a clever feature has also been added so the Hub administrators can easily locate where an asset has been applied or duplicated anywhere throughout the site. Various reports are available, including an overall count of how many users accessed the assets and who those users are.

Feedback regarding an asset can be given by a user of the site to help Yarra Valley Water continually improve their services and programs.

Custom Collaborative Workflow System

As AMS is a completely integrated solution, a number of custom workflows have been applied to manage the many tasks that are the foundation of the WaterCare website. Workflows ensure that there are appropriate review and approval processes for any feedback, focus group or event response, before they are published to the website. These processes can be individually tailored based on the requirements of the Yarra Valley Water’s Hub administrators.

Responses to form submissions, have rules applied so that administrators can communicate directly with a website member, where notifications will appear in their dashboard. Feedback and focus group information, if approved, can be applied to any relevant pages throughout the site.


The WaterCare Hub boasts some powerful reporting from AMS. Tailored reports can be created and run at anytime on a range of different data, collected via the website. User interaction can be tracked via segment, company and even down to an individual member to view what pages are being accessed.

There are also a number of other standard reports available via AMS including enquiries, feedback and registrations.