PACIA is the pre-eminent national body representing Australia’s chemistry industry, Australia's second largest manufacturing sector. The sector supplies 109 of Australia’s 111 industries, and produces goods and services essential for food and agriculture, mining, building and construction, medicine and pharmaceuticals, packaging and vehicles.

PACIA approached AMS with a brief to re-vamp its website and introduce a comprehensive content management system that would give it far greater control of its vast content. It also required a far more powerful member relationship management tool that would double as its CRM without the costs associated with dedicated CRM systems – enter AMS' MRM.

From the dashboard, AMS users can see all website activity from the one panel, website pages that are up for review, who has subscribed to the site, who has updated their details and even Google charts of site visitors.

The MRM manages everything member-related; companies, individuals, access to member-only pages, communication preferences, notes on both individual and company levels and a history of each. Advanced segmentation empowers management to create lists and reports on any specific criteria quickly and easily.

Once logged in, members can explore an information hub, with the feature-rich member portal landing page providing user-friendly access to industry-specific news and events, member exclusives and a unique business toolkit.

What did our client say?

There is so much value in our database and the MRM enables us to get that much more from it through smart customisation. The site has continued to grow with us as our business needs have evolved, a great value investment. Plus it's really easy to use and looks great – unlike clunky out-of-the-box solutions.

Claire Selby - Senior Marketing and Communications Officer, PACIA


Our powerful Member Relationship Management (MRM) system enables PACIA to manage a large number of individual members and their companies using our highly responsive, user-friendly interface. Categorising its companies using the AMS explorer tree allows PACIA staff to easily find and segment its members and their subsidiary companies. Individual members can be further filtered by their personal communication preferences to produce on-the-fly reports or generate EDM segments.

The ability to keep notes, documents and a history of each company and the individuals beneath each company ensured PACIA had no need to roll-out an expensive and complicated CRM solution. Our MRM provides the same functionality at a fraction of the cost.


Creating an event is as simple as creating a webpage, marking it as an event, and then applying details such as multiple price points if required, location, dates, and any other relevant information.

Events can be applied to member-only pages or can be publicly listed to take registrations. A segment is automatically created for each event so the PACIA marketing team can target campaign to that event's attendees. New registrations appear in the dashboard where they can then be internally managed by a customisable workflow.


PACIA has a number of external programs that require their own branding, content and separate segments for receiving expressions of interest. From the one CMS, it is able to create and publish content as it does for any other pages throughout its main website, for multiple websites. When a user submits interest via one of its microsites, this is managed via its MRM workflow. The new user is then added to the microsite segment so it will receive site-specific EDM campaigns.

EDM Management

PACIA's AMS is seamlessly integrated with EDM giant, Campaign Monitor. Website administrators create dynamic segments using the advanced segmentation tools from the MRM. From Campaign Monitor, they simply select which type of communication template they wish to use (Newsletter, Alerts, Events etc), add their content and send out their campaign.