The Master Plumbers' Association of Queensland (MPAQ) is the peak industry body representing plumbing contractors throughout Queensland, from sole operators through to medium sized plumbing businesses and large contracting firms.

AMS was proud to work with another one of the Master Plumber states, Queensland. AMS worked with MPAQ to launch a new website to better distribute content for the public looking for a Master Plumber and plumbing information relevant to the region, but also provide members with a more powerful member-only area for them to access the vast amount of content that supplements their MPAQ membership.

The recently launched website boasts a new dynamic content-driven website that offers a superior way to deliver the vast amount of content offered by MPAQ. This includes a dynamic content delivery system that can provide related content based on what the website user is looking at. By clicking a tag or category from an article page, a website user can instantly see everything that MPAQ provides on that particular topic, all from one screen!

In addition to a powerful search mechanism, a user can search the whole website based on a combination of categories and tags, thus refining the search results specific to what they are looking for. A predictive search function provides options as the users types allowing the user to chose from a list of relevant topics to instantly get the user to the articles they require directly from the homepage.

MPAQ are now leveraging their new AMS to manage all joins and renewals, both are an automated process via an easy-to-use workflows that can be completed directly via the website. Once a new membership is created, the members can then allocate themselves into specific segments so they can be included in the Find a Plumber service that MPAQ provide. The member can upload their own logo and manage their own company profile also saving MPAQ the administration time to manage this on their behalf.

These online processes will drastically improve member services with a self-service module being key. Members can manage their membership with just a few clicks directly from a campaign email, or via the website. All their invoices for their memberships and event registrations are all stored in their member area so they can access these and print them off at any time.

MPAQ are now also leveraging the collaborative workflow system to manage and track member engagement. Boasting a dynamic interaction management system, MPAQ can get better visibility into how members are being interacted with. The workflow system also offer endless ways of streamlining currently manual processes that can be fully, or partially automated.

MPAQ are one of the first to enjoy the latest Version (3) of AMS

MPAQ were one of the first clients to road-test the latest iteration of AMS. With a brand new responsive adminsitration interface, they can now manage the entire organisation directly from a mobile device empowering team members to easily be able to search for a member's contact details, update interactions, complete work-flows, manage events, all from any device, desktop, tablet and mobile.

AMS already offered 100% responsive member-facing websites and work-flows, but now the entire AMS interface is also responsive enabling an exceptional level of interaction directly from a phone or tablet device.

This is particularly advantageous when it comes to managing event registrations, member interactions and the basic ability to find and manage member contact details while not at a desk.

Dynamic Interaction Management

MPAQ can now record all interactions with members, potential members, organisations or individuals via an interaction module. Via a quick-add, team members can add an interaction by quickly locating a member and viewing recent interactions that have occured. Interactions such as meetings, emails, phone-calls or any other type of (dynamic) interactions can be added in seconds along with scheduled follow-ups and escalations, or even trigger internal or external work-flows that can all be completed in moments.

Interactions can also be grouped so that if there is a trend in a topic of issue being raised, it can be grouped with other interactions of similar nature. This becomes powerful when reports are run so management can see how many issues there are relating to a specific topic, who is attending to the issues and at what stage each issue is up to to ensure the member is being serviced correctly.

Reports can then be run from the interactions module, giving the business greater visibility into how many interactions are occurring across the organisation. This now gives MPAQ a clearer picture of actual member engagement and see if there are any areas that require improvement.

Custom Business Process Work-flow Manager

MPAQ is now leveraging the AMS custom business process work-flow manager that provides unprecedented scope to replace existing offline data collection and management processes. New and existing members can now follow an easy to use, wizard-like process to join or renew their membership. The member follows a simple process where they are initially identified directly from a link from a personalised email to them (if they are existing member), they then simply check their details and make changes if they are not current. Then they are prompted to ensure they are in the correct categories so they receive specialised correspondence from MPAQ, and finally they complete a payment step.

In addition to the membership joins and renewals, the work-flow manager can manage any other work-flow that is constructed internally by MPAQ. These could include any number of steps that is required to capture information, documents or payments. For example, a pre or post event feedback form, surveys, applications or certifications.

Project points of Interest

The project included:

  • Data migration from CoreSoft
  • Responsive website design and development
  • Implementation of AMS Version 3 – Member Relationship & Stakeholder Management
  • Finance Management with Xero intergation
  • Event Management
  • Centralised Document and Asset Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Membership & Product Management
  • Interaction Management