Floorspace offers only the highest quality floor-coverings made from the weaves such as Sisal, Coir and Seagrass. After 34 years in the business, Floorspace know everything there is to know about floor-coverings, the way they should be installed and the way treated to keep them looking their best.

Floorspace offer very high quality floor-coverings and part of their brief was to ensure that the online presence reflected the quality of the products they offer. AMS designed and built a beautifully simple responsive website to showcase the amazing products on offer. The site focuses heavily on the product itself with large images to give the user the best possible idea of the texture of each.

Website users can browse by Collection where they can view all the different weave types along with the the variety of colours on offer. An extensive Gallery is also available boasting how the products look in-situ, this gives the user ideas on how the products look and how the products can be used in different environments.

What did our client say?

Floorspace has been working with AMS for the past 4 years on a number of development projects. Throughout this time we have been extremely happy, not just with the service provided, but with the AMS team's ability to convert our business concepts and ideas into a workable online presence. Particularly impressive, is their ability to marry functionality with design. I personally could not recommend them highly enough.

James Trowbridge - Director, Floorspace Australia

Product Catalogue Management (PCM)

AMS is renowned for membership management software but we also have developed a powerful Product Catalogue Manager for businesses that have more of a focus on eCommerce. Powered by our Work-flow Collaboration Manager, any type of sale process can be automated.

Floorspace manage all their stock via the PCM, a user can browse the vast catalogue from the website and when ready, they can click through to see the product in the Online Rug Builder. They can dynamically select different weaves and colours and then purchase the rug they create.

In addition to the Rug Builder, Floorspace sell fixed size rugs as well as rug maintenance products, all easily categorised and listed via the PCM.

Dynamic Rug Builder

AMS developed a unique online rug builder empowering a customer to browse the vast range of floor coverings available and see a visual example of the colours and weaves together on-screen. Once they have selected the different colours and styles, they simply enter in the required dimensions for the rug, have the price calculated instantly and then can directly purchase the rug via the online store.

Check out the online rug builder here.