The CFA is a volunteer and community based fire and emergency services organisation that provide an essential service to all Victorians helping protect 3.3 million people and more than one million homes across the state.

AMS worked closely with ERD to design and produce a far more user friendly site for the CFA that meets a AAA rated standard to ensure anyone can view the site no matter what computer they are using.

This included building a responsive based design so the site will display across all devices correctly.

If a user views the site on their mobile device they will see a mobile version so they see crucial information more quickly and loads at a much faster rate.

Behind the website, a AMS built a custom content management system to enable the CFA to easily manage crucial content and marketing campaigns.


Website content publication follows a very specific internal workflow to publish website content across the CFA's large hosting infrastructure. Website assets are also managed in a particular way to ensure a complete audit trail is kept of anything that is posted to the website.

Each new page ready for publication sits in an 'out-tray' and once reviewed, all new assets or particular pages can be released to the public site.

Banner Management

A specific banner management workflow was developed to enable the marketing team to easily manage the banners that are featured on the homepage. Multiple versions can be created and a status can be set for each to set new ones to go live at specific times.

Digital Asset Management

A digital asset management system enables the CFA to track and store a complete record of what which assets were uploaded to the site, by who and when. Storing this history of images and documents enables website managers to see when changes have been made to the site and the ability to access previously uploaded documents.


Summer vs Winter mode

The website has the ability to swap from summer to winter mode. The summer version displays a different layout which includes important indicators of bans and ratings across the state. A message is also displayed whether the current day is a day of total fire ban. Winter mode displays more campaign related material for people to prepare for the fire season.

Warnings Panel

Real-time data is fed directly into a warnings panel that is opened automatically on arriving at the site if there are any active warnings. Warnings are listed and are clickable directly into the VicEmergency website.