Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA) is the peak professional body for nurses working in primary health care.

AMS are proud to have worked along side the team at APNA to re-develop their membership system. Originally working with Coresoft, the AMS system was selected as it provided APNA with the flexibility they required to enhance their member services, improve communication with members and give them a platform they can build upon as the requirements of the organisation changed.

APNA's new system was an exciting project for AMS, the dynamic team at APNA were keen to adopt a new way of doing things and were really involved in designing the new system to ensure it best suits their needs. The dynamic workflow system allows APNA to manage the capture and flow of data opening up endless possibilities to how they can manage, track and report on any kind of member engagement.

What did our client say?

As members are the live blood to our organisation, so is the system that manages them. With our old system failing, we wanted a new and dynamic system that met our growing needs. After extensive review and investigation we settled on AMS to develop our membership relationship platform. The greatest advantage to us was the platform's flexibility, we weren’t bound to an out-of-the-box solution that we were trying to fit to our organisation.

With their knowledge and experience with other Associations, AMS provided guidance on how best to use the system and with the collaborative workflow module, we are able to manage simple and complex business processes. This has automated many processes that were manual in the past saving us time and money. The interface is mobile friendly and easy to use for all staff, not just the few trained. AMS are adaptable and focussed on delivering to our requirements even as our needs and deadlines changed. Bond and AMS have far exceeded our expectations.

Matt Hall - GM Member Services

APNA enjoy AMS Version (3)

APNA can now manage the entire organisation directly from a mobile device empowering team members to easily be able to search for a member's contact details, update interactions, complete work-flows, manage events, all from any device, mobile, tablet or desktop.

AMS already offered 100% responsive member-facing websites and work-flows, but now the entire AMS interface is also responsive enabling an exceptional level of interaction directly from a phone or tablet device, as well as a desktop machine.

This is particularly advantageous when it comes to managing event registrations, member interactions and the basic ability to find and manage member contact details while not at a desk.

Dynamic Interaction Management

APNA have a number of different touch-points for their members, they needed a centralised location to record and report on the different areas of engagement so they can get some better visibility into who, how and why members are being contacted.

From a quick-add, they now record all interactions with members, potential members, organisations or individuals through an interaction module. Via a 'quick add', team members can quickly add an interaction, such as a meeting, email, phone-call or any other type of interaction, schedule follow-ups and escalations, and even trigger other work-flows, internally or externally.

As an example, an individual could call reception and enquire about becoming a member. Directly from the interaction, the relevant person who manages on-boarding would be notified and a join work-flow could be automatically triggered and send directly to the potential member. This process includes a number of steps, some internal and some that needs interaction from the new member. Instead of having an offline manual process where steps could be missed, this whole process is automated and can be triggered and run directly from the interaction and ajoining work-flow.

Interactions can then be grouped so that if there is a trend in a topic of issue being raised, it can be grouped with other interactions of similar nature. This becomes powerful when reports are run so management can see how many issues there are relating to a specific topic, who is attending to the issues, at what stage each issue is up to in regards to the member being serviced, and how many are being closed off.

Reports can then be run from the interactions module, giving the business greater visibility into how many interactions are occurring across the organisation. This can now give APNA a clearer picture of actual member engagement.

Custom Business Process Work-flow Manager

APNA is now leveraging the AMS custom business process work-flow manager that provides unprecedented scope to replace existing offline data collection and management processes. New and existing members can now follow an easy to use, wizard-like process to join or renew their membership. The member follows a simple process where they are initially identified directly from a link from a personalised email to them (if they are an existing member), then they simply check their details and make any changes if they are not current. Then they are prompted to ensure they are in the correct categories so they receive specialised correspondence from APNA, and finally they complete a payment step.

It's a seamless and quick experience for the member, APNA benefits from details being self-checked by the member and enjoy the fact they also self-manage which specialties the nurse is interested in for future marketing campaigns, events what type of correspondence they prefer to receive from the association.

Leveraging the AMS auto-renewal system, memberships that are selected to be paid month are managed automatically via the finance system. Members can select from monthly or annual payments. Members are able to select from a number of payment options including credit card, direct debit or offline payments. Their accounts can be auto-debited based on the payment option they have selected.

In addition to the membership joins and renewals, the work-flow manager can manage any other work-flow that is constructed internally by APNA. These could include any number of steps that is required to capture information, file attachments, payments and form elements in order to complete a business process.

Project Points of Interest

The project included:

  • Data migration from CoreSoft
  • Website design and development
  • Member Relationship & Stakeholder Management
  • Finance Management with Xero intergation
  • Event Management
  • Centralised Document and Asset Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Email Marketing Management
  • Reporting
  • Microsite Management
  • Membership & Product Management
  • Interaction Management