AIPP recently celebrated its official 50th anniversary of service to professional photographers, spanning even futher than that back to 1912, boasting more than 100 years of helping professional photographers to become not only more creative, but more successful businessmen and women.

AMS partnered with the AIPP who wanted to move away from their previous cumbersome iMIS database to a more flexible and agile platform that would empower them to take back control of their member data and membership packages. Powered by AMS's content management system, product catalogue manager (PCM), membership relationship manager (MRM) and the custom business process work-flow manager to streamline membership applications, renewals and events, AMS was privileged to be selected to work with such a renowned organisation.

Members now enjoy the ease of managing one or many profiles across any of the categories provided by AIPP. By simply logging into their personalised dashboard, members can manage all aspects of their membership. Profiles can be regularly updated including personalised profiles per genre, their listing for public users searching for a professional accredited photographer or video producer, their membership dues and access invoices of payments completed.

An advanced 'Search for a Professional' mechanism was designed to make it easy for public users to find accredited professional photographers or video producers that best suit their requirements. Only professionals whose AIPP Accreditation status that is current and up to date will be found via this search.

Behind the scenes AMS also provides a number of customised modules to help manage and track website behaviour. The member relationship management system manages interactions with registered members enabling the capture and storage of both current and historical data building a history for each. AIPP can run reports on membership uptake, activities, popular pages, resources and hit rates which enable AIPP to determine what future plans will be to increase member engagement.

What did our client say?

The solution proposed by AMS was innovative, cost effective, efficient and easy to manage. We were hugely impressed by their proposal and eagerly anticipated working with the AMS team to turn their proposal into a working reality.

As it transpired, the solution that was delivered by AMS was one of those all too rare events in the business world, a solution that was actually better than we envisaged!

The AMS team are responsive, efficient and knowledgeable and helped us deliver our project within budget, on time and to a standard better than we had hoped.

I cannot speak highly enough of AMS!

Peter Myers - Executive Officer, AIPP

iMIS No More! Membership Data Migration

AIPP membership administrators had become frustrated with working with a system that was essentially not flexible enough to accommodate the ever changing requirements of the organisation. Tired of relying on 'work-arounds' and plenty of unnecessary data fields, the AIPP were delighted to be able to nominate exactly how they wanted to structure and manage their many membership packages.

Working closely with the AIPP, AMS were able to review the current database structure and allow AIPP to decide which data they wished to pull across to the new system. Current member data, membership packages, price-points and legacy data was all successfully migrated across to AIPP's version of AMS.

Once this process was completed, AIPP now have full control and flexibility of managing member segmentation, membership packages and payment plans.

Custom Business Process Work-flow Manager

AIPP are now leveraging the powerful custom business process work-flow manager that AMS provides. A good example of this in action was the custom launch process the AIPP comprised. After the new website was launched, an email marketing campaign was sent to specific membership groups to alert them of the website launch. Each member was then directed to follow a step-by-step work-flow that guided them through setting up their profile/s on the new site. From here, they nominated which photographic categories they belonged to, uploaded their image examples and ensured their membership and contact details were correct so public users can find them.


In addition to the launch work-flow, a dynamic application work-flow was also put in place. Utilising AMS's product catalogue management (PCM) tools, AIPP are easily able to create any type of membership package they wish to promote and sell via the site. Once the new member has selected the package that best suits them (see here for this example), they simply select the appropriate package and then follow the custom application work-flow that is managed via AMS. The new user, depending on their selected membership type may have to go through an approval process that is managed as a step in the work-flow by AIPP internally. After approval, the member is notified and then prompted to select a payment plan to commence their membership and profile listing.

Personalised Member Dashboard

Once a member has completed the membership application or renewal work-flow, they instantly get access to the wealth of membership content provided by the AIPP. Based on their membership category, related member-only content is served up to the logged-in member providing them access to loads of resources, special offers and reference material to compliment their membership.

In addition to the vast amount of valuable member-only content, the member has the ability to nominate which photography genres they offer as part of their business. The member simply selects from the categories available and are automatically listed within these groups when a public user uses the 'Search for a Professional' tool from any page throughout the AIPP website.

For each category selected, the member is able to manage a profile for each genre they have selected. This means they can have a profile for weddings, architecture and landscape categories, each with a targeted profile to sell themselves and their services to public visitors.

A comprehensive toolbox is also provided so members can store notes on relevant pages which are all gathered conveniently in the member’s dashboard. To ensure the usability of the dashboard is functional, favourite pages, links, assets, resources and notes are all managed from the toolbox as well as access to membership payment invoices, renewals and other account related material.